World Oceans Day is June 8


Oceans Week and World Oceans Day Canada are registered non profit corporations.. Our Board and Volunteers have been protecting marine life, watersheds (rivers, lakes, creeks) and oceans for 65 years. World Oceans Day June 8th was declared worldwide by the United Nations in 2009, as a sister to Earth Day, and World Oceans Week June 1 to 8 was declared by our Board.

In 1992, the Canadian Federal Government proposed World Oceans Day at the Rio Earth Summit.

All educational materials on this site are FREE to use. We love to hear from you via social media, email or telephone. Thank You for caring.

We have launched Adopt A Shoreline worldwide. Please visit Adopt A Shorline to list your Group as shoreline cleanup and education heroes. 

One Earth

One Ocean

Ours To Protect

Together We Can Make A Difference

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Why The Need?

Today, more than at any other time, our oceans, waterways, water and marine life are at risk. Water is a limited resource on our earth. Oceans are joined into one ocean actually, meaning what is done on one side of the globe affects all other parts of our world. Our ocean generates 80% of the oxygen we need (trees 20%) but the carbon levels in our oceans are at an all time high. Together we have the power to protect but we must take action now to reduce our carbon footprint, protect marine life, conserve and protect water and waterways. NOW.

The future of our planet is in our hands. Together we can make a difference.



  • Awareness: scientist know about our environment AND now you will too  
  • Education: free to use all on this site
  • Action: every person and businesses can do a little bit to help our oceans and life on earth for the next generations. (Education tab) 



National and Regional Education Co-ordinator

National and Regional Shoreline Cleanup Co-ordinators 

National and Regional City Event Co-ordinators 

If you are looking to have some fun in your spare time, meet some great people and truly make a difference which will feel good in your heart as well as look fantastic on your resume, please call or email us. We have the tools to assist you. Everyone has something to offer, we can match YOUR schedule..

We are all volunteers and each of us is busy, we fit it into our schedule. You tell us what you want and we will help you achieve fun and hey, you will get to know some terrific like minded people along the way. Let's chat. 

Email: Board (at) World Oceans Day .ca or

Telephone Toll Free 1 866 669-9758  


We treasure our Volunteers and respect our Volunteers. All of us are volunteers. No one is paid. Across the country and around the world volunteers are the back bone of World Oceans Day and Oceans Week. We thank and honor each dedicated volunteer. It is our volunteers who help spread the word about the need to protect and cherish our water, waterways and oceans for the present and future generations and make events happen for residents. It is our volunteers who communicate with Educators, Library Management, Politicians, Students and Parents.  If you would like to become involved please contact us by email: Board (at) or feel free to phone us  You tell us what you want and we will help you achieve fun and hey, you will get to know some terrific like minded people along the way. Let's chat.  Please Text Debbie 727 480-9607

                    Toll Free 1 866 669-9758 

Many hands make light work. We can connect you with like minded people in your area or help you find others to help meet your goals. We can help you with the planning and the promotion of events and needs in your area.

Or, you may want to volunteer on the regional or national level. Your time and experience is a valuable asset. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how you can make a difference. One Earth, One Ocean, Ours To Protect. Together We Can Make A Difference.


Sea Shepherd

CANOE Canadian Network for Ocean Education

Newfoundland and Labrador Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Earth Day Ottawa

Ocean Networks Canada

Reef Cam underwater research cameras

The Oceans Management Research Network (OMRN)

SubAquatic Society of Canada


We are in the process of linking representatives from other environmental organizations and educators to help steer World Oceans Day and Oceans Week into the next decade. If you are interested in being on a steering committee of like minded citizens from across the country (meetings by conference wasted travel time) please email: Board (at) or feel free to phone us toll free 866 415-8020 or 866 669-9758. Please ask for Debbie or Stephen. Together We Can Make A Difference.

World Oceans Day and Oceans Week  Board of Directors

Board Motto: We like everybody EXCEPT polluters and zoos & aquariums which keep healthy animals captive and/or breed in captivity, always done for financial gain. We love Clearwater Marine Aquarium, it is the ONLY aquarium we like, they are the only true RRR which means they Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release. Home of Dolphin Tale fame; Winter and Hope the Dolphins. True stories, two of our Board members saw and followed Winter from the day she arrived when she was just a tiny dolphin (her tail was caught in a crab trap which a thoughtless, careless fisherman had abandoned). 

Board Members

Cezary Fudali, The Great Lakes - Largest Watershed In the World

Greg Maruszecka, Pacific Ocean, Environmental Business Owner

Dia Daljit, Largest Watershed In the World, Business Owner

Ted Dhillon, Worldwide, Business Owner

Michael Moffat, Atlantic Ocean, Environmentalist, TV, Film 

Stephen Freitag, Worldwide, Business Owner

                        and Executive Director

Teresa Friedel, Pacific Ocean, Environmental Services, Burnaby 

Laura Prada, Columbia River Watershed, Univ. of British Columbia

Debbie White, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico. Retired Business Owner 

With our Board worldwide and in multiple time zones, we don't travel to meet, instead we email, text and enjoy conference calling. This allows us to  spend more time with our own family. It also permits each of us to keep our Carbon Footprint very low, barely a trace.  


Advisor, Special Projects: Andrew Moffat, Ontario, Business Owner

Founder, CIO, CRO: Stephen Freitag brought everyone together and took on the role of Chief Idea Officer and the Chief Research Officer

Co-Founders: Elaine Gibson, Stephen Freitag, Debbie White



Stephen Freitag, a lifelong environmentalist, combines his passion in Critical Legal Studies at Carleton University, management positions very early in his business career, outgoing personality, photographic memory, thirst for learning and desire to make the world a better place. Stephen volunteered with the Executive Team of Mines Action Canada prior to being a Co-Founder of World Oceans Day and World Oceans Week. The Ocean Hero Program (now worldwide in schools) is his creation. Stephen's Book of Poetry will be published soon to raise money for the Civitan International Medical Research Center.  

Dia Daljit has been an entrepreneur 90%  of her work life and constant volunteer helping those less fortunate and determined to right the wrongs in this world including our world environment.  A proud Grandmother Dia is passionate, determined, respected and treasured by everyone who has met her on her trips around the world. 

Greg Maruszecka, a life long environmentalist has enjoyed a technical and writing career after university. A proud father Greg is also a superb writer driven to make this world a healthier environment for all children. Email questions he can answer when not taking time away from his priority - his children or his work allow Greg to make a tremendous and respected contribution.    

Debbie White: radio & TV host, newspaper column, published 5 business books, one humor book, life long environmentalist, entrepreneur including 20 years accounting, 25 years contracts related to business seminars & workshops, assisting Grads to launch careers - has given speeches on 3 continents, founded a MADD chapter, co-founded a Civitan service club, co-founded a SPCA chapter. Very proud Mother. 

Ted Dhillon has combined his passion for our environment with his entrepreneurial drive, successfully combining both. With a strong business and marketing sense Ted makes Board Meetings lively with his experience, ideas and questions. Always travelling with his environmental business Ted responds to email questions as soon as he can (maybe while in an airport - it works for all).    

Cezary Fudali: ever mindful of our environment he is a lawyer with both private and public experience. A proud father Cezary cares about this world for his children and all children. Always available for a quick email question evenings and weekends, he is a tremendous resource. 

Michael Moffat is a life long environmentalist who has enjoyed a successful career in TV and film in California and Canada. Coming from an extensive line of entrepreneurs those skills are inbred and respected.  Michael is creative, always thinking outside the box, his ideas and input are treasured. 

Teresa Friedel, with a Masters of Science, Biodiversity, Conservation and Management Teresa is devoting her life work and volunteer time to our environment. Teresa volunteered with World Oceans Day just as she was graduating from UBC, her knowledge and passion ensured her career was launched immediately. She continues to make time for volunteering. Teresa is our Director of Social Media.

Laura Prada, as a Manager at UBC Okanagan Laura has brought her enthusiasm to students, starting unique environmental awareness programs at the university. With extensive experience coordinating volunteers, her limitless energy and brainstorming skills Laura is a treasured and respected resource. 

With our Board worldwide we don't travel to meet, instead we email, text and enjoy conference calling. This allows us to  spend more time with our own family. It also permits each of us to keep our Carbon Footprint very low, barely a trace.  

Contact World Oceans Day and World Oceans Week:

Email: Board (at) World Oceans Day .ca or  

Telephone Toll Free 1  866 669-9758