World Oceans Day is June 8

Lessons Age 10 & on

Learn About Marine Life

Lessons K to 12 with Videos & Quizzes


Sharks keep our oceans in balance but are slowly declining. The following website has Lessons and Films.

Royal Museum of Ontario

Thank you to the Royal Museum of Ontario for the following lessons and educational materials.

"Canada's Oceans and You", National Ocean Symposium 2012


The Life in Crisis Schad Gallery of Biodiversity - can do a virtual tour of the gallery, which has exhibits on the ocean biomes


Ocean-themed Lesson Plans/Educational Activities related to the Schad Gallery

a shark overhead in the Schad gallery

Big Shark, Big Loss, Big Impact: Sharks are Apex Predators

A hammerhead shark preys on rays

Big Shark, Big Loss, Big Impact: Sharks Change Prey Behaviour

Blue Whale Project
2014 (and ongoing) blue whale project (with videos and photos on the page)

Burgess Shale virtual museum (Ancient Oceans)