World Oceans Day is June 8

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Underwater Ocean Cameras


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UBC Okanagan compilation of recent ocean research: PDF file on donated page as we cannot upload files on this site

Oceana  and

University of Victoria - Ocean Networks


Video and audio release for song: "We're Connected (to the Ocean)"

June 08 @ 12:00 a.m.

YouTube, iTunes, Canada

Online release of a music and lyrics video for an original composition by environmental educator and singer-songwriter Remy Rodden called "We're Connected (to the Ocean)".  We’re connected to the ocean We’re connected, from sea to sea to sea We’re connected to the ocean No matter where we live, there’s something we can do It’s really up to me and you, care for the ocean



Underwater Ocean Cameras

ReefCam has underwater ocean cameras in many locations

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A World Of Stories, a series of books. In "Seashell Island," Christophe Jeunot takes a magical approach to revealing the significance of World Ocean Day (June 8th) and of sharing the natural environment. While the Mine Monster seeks to steal all of the seashells from the seashores, a little boy named Alex manages to show him that we are all connected to the natural world and each other. This story is both fantastical and subtle in showing the importance of working as a community and preserving natural habitats.

Scholastic Books


Science Kids – Oceans and Seas: Kingfisher Publications

Marine Life

Navigators – Oceans and Seas: MacMillan Children’s books

Books are also available at your local Library

Books listed on

TV  series, documentaries, movies

The Story of Stuff, short films:

    Thank you to Albert Kaan and Wingee Lee of Vancouver BC for this info

A Plastic Ocean, award winning documentary

CBC TV series “See the Sea”

Nature of Things, One Ocean with David Suzuki

Knowledge Network

        Hawaii - A Fragile Eco System

       South Pacific

       Blue Realm

      The Tipping Points

      Lost Sharks Of Easter Island

      Secrets of the Mediterranean

      Undersea Explorer

      Mystery Fish Of The Congo

      End of the Line - a National Geographic documentary in 2009 based on the book. Not suggested viewing for children. This film exposes   

      the over fishing problem world wide, flagrant defiance of laws and also the lack of laws.

Underwater Explorers

Reruns of “Sea Hunt”

Public Broadcasting Service



      Oceans (4 documentaries)

      Cousteau Saving The Oceans

TV Ontario

      Serious Ocean series and others   

Documentary movie: The Paddler       


The Story of Stuff, short films:


Oceana Canada    Oceana International

Sharks 4 Kids 

        Sharks keep our oceans in balance but are slowly declining. The following website has Lessons and Films.

Omni Calculator

RESOURCES, Reducing Plastics: (contributed by Student - Heather)

Lessons K to 12 with Videos & Quizzes

Science World - lessons and activities for Children

National Geographic – Kids

Ocean Literacy, a list of teaching resources:

British Columbia Environmental Network


Ocean Fish


Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans


Living Oceans Society


Marine Life


Protecting Our EcoSystems

Canada Is A Leader In Ocean Research         

Clean the Creek is a Canadian app and website where you can post shoreline cleanups needed and shoreline cleanups needed:


Games and Crafts

Clip Art

Games and Crafts

Draw a Dolphin:

Colour a Dolphin:

Dolphin Puzzles:

Clip Art Themes, Ocean Theme