World Oceans Day is June 8

Event Ideas

One Earth

One Ocean

Ours To Protect

Together We Can Make A Difference


One paddle boarder is making a huge difference, now other paddle boarders, canoeists and small boat owners are helping to clean plastics and fishing gear from the very large lake, Okanagan Lake BC. Gather some friends, HAVE SOME FUN MAKING A DIFFERENCE!


While we cannot upload files to this site yet, we have posted PDF Poster files on a donated page click on World Oceans Day page .  If you would like the Posters OR Bookmarks in a Word file so you can customize for your event please email Board (at) 

Events and Actions

World Oceans Day is celebrated June 8th around the world each year by schools, libraries, community groups, museums, groups of friends, non profit groups, churches, governments and businesses.


Clean the Creek is a Canadian app and website where you can post shoreline cleanups needed and shoreline cleanups needed:


In Canada we also celebrate Oceans Week June 1st to 8th in addition to World Oceans Day to give communities more awareness and activity time but shoreline cleanups and education happen year around ! 


Promoting Your Event

Event column in local newspapers

Public Service Announcement (PSA) to all local media

City website, event section

Craigs List

Poster at schools, libraries, churches or fax/email/mail to all

Email details to       Board (at)



Following are some very simple ideas requiring only a few hours of planning to the complex ideas requiring much planning. Simple events can be a lot of fun and reap true results.

Please submit details of your event to Board (at)

so we can post to the website. Our pages & content are unlimited…so let’s fill it! Thank You!

Please Note ; Walmart and Home Depot managers can usually make local donations of $50 cash or goods for local events. You must ask in advance. Or you can keep it simple by asking all participants to bring their own items (bags, gloves etc), juices and food.

Cities and Towns:  

Surrey BC has many many for thought.

Kamloops BC holds a free hazardous waste disposal day each year, so that residents do not pour chemicals down drains or storm drains. Residents can bring Aerosol cans, Antifreeze brake fluid, Batteries, Cleaning products, Gasoline, motor oil and propane, Herbicides, pesticides & insecticides, Paint, Thinners & removers and electronics for the city to process for reuse or dispose of in an environmentally responsible way.  Each city & town can do this to help our environment.

Public Awareness;

-Proclamation by local Mayor and Council (see Cities in Action on ). Your city or town Mayor may have issued a proclamation last year; if not, try to encourage your Mayor to take a leadership role

-News Releases to Media

-Ask to be interviewed by Media

-Ask your local newspaper to post a notice

-Write an article and submit to your newspapers

-Contact your MPP and MP, requesting they make an announcement in support of World Oceans Day

-Call into radio shows on your local news/talk stations

-Ask non profit organizations to post a notice about World Oceans Day & World Oceans Week in Canada along with information about the importance

-Ask business to do the same

-Recommend Teachers access free Ocean Lessons:

-Encourage and challenge groups to gather as many participants to pledge to the 7 C’s

-Encourage and challenge groups to get as many “Ocean Hero” certificates as possible

Personal Commitments & Actions to Life Style Change

Earning an “Ocean Hero” Certificate is all about making personal life style changes to help our oceans, waterways and precious water.

Please encourage all, young and old to “Be An Ocean Hero”.

Issue a challenge to groups to see who can get the most Ocean Hero Certificates: businesses, youth groups, schools, church groups, any social groups

Encourage and challenge groups to gather as many participants to pledge to the 7 C’s

Clothing to Make a Statement

Wear Blue: around the world supporters of World Oceans Day will be wearing blue on June 8 th

Red Hat/Cap: wear a red cap on June 11 Jacques Yves Cousteau’s birthday, to honor this great man.

Shoreline Clean Up

-with friends; a great excuse to get together (wear gloves please) to do a shoreline clean up

- invite paddle boarders, canoeists, small boat owners to clean up too, off shore

-partner with groups; a business, a school, youth groups, church group

Picnic & Shoreline Clean up

-with friends, include games and ask everyone to bring an environmentally friendly picnic (reusable containers rather than paper or styrofoam plates/cups etc)

-partner with groups; a business, a school, youth groups, church group

Cycle for Clean Water & Shorelines

Plan a cycling trip and do a shoreline clean up along the way

-with friends

-partner with groups; a business, a school, youth groups, church group

-Invite the media to bring awareness to the need for all of us to protect our shorelines and water

World Oceans Day Activities

Activities on Land

–colouring marine pictures, have a place to hang the art

–large blank posters for murals so adults and kids can draw

–dolphin games – play like the dolphins do (see Ocean Information on

–art contest

–essay contest

–poem contest

–ocean stories for children

–treasure hunt for children

–treasure hunt for adults

–games for adults (volleyball, softball, badminton, horse shoes etc)

–games for children (3 legged race, ball toss etc)

–photo and art gallery

–sponsor a nature walk with educational leader; include lots of hands on

–marine costume contest: dress like your favourite marine life

–community mural; roll of art paper attached to 4 x 8 sheets of plywood supported by 2 x 4 wood stand or braced & secured against vehicles or a bleacher stand or trees

–food vendors, or bring your own picnic

–beach party – castle building contests, beach dance

Water Activities

- have fun paddling to raise awareness. Bob Purdy of Kelowna BC has been    featured in a new documentary called The Paddler


-canoe tours on the water, showing and explaining to participants how and why protecting our waterways and shorelines is so important

-kayak tours on the water as above

-swimming races

-sailing races

World Oceans Day Festival

-invite guest speakers from local, provincial and federal government (many Mayors across Canada have proclaimed World Oceans Day and World Oceans Week. All have been asked to do a Proclamation so are aware of World Oceans Day)

-include Activities (see above)

-include an Educational component (literature, booths, videos, hands on learning with the help of government or teachers)

-include a parade (everyone dressed in marine costumes; a Mayor in Africa leads the annual parade then everyone commits to take action to preserve our oceans, then enjoy a picnic)

-events & activities can be spread throughout World Oceans Week

-invite the media in advance, to raise awareness of our need to preserve marine life, shorelines, water


-film at college, university

-film/TV shows at elementary schools and high schools (list on website under Ocean Information

-guest speaker at schools

-display booths at local event with information from Dept of Fisheries & Oceans and Environment Canada

-public lecture

-book signing with a local author who has written about our oceans, waterways or precious water

-display at local zoo, aquarium or museum

-art contest (ask museum or businesses to donate prizes)

-poetry contest (ask museum or businesses to donate prizes)

-essay contest (ask museum or businesses to donate prizes)

World Oceans Day Events held in Canada in 2012 and prior

1.Family & Friends gather each year along Lake Okanagan, BC to do a shoreline clean up (200 kg of waste is collected on the shore each year)

2.Campbell River BC held an educational day sponsored by their Maritime Heritage Centre (info below)

3.Fisheries & Oceans funded educational events in Vancouver BC, Victoria BC, Fredericton New Brunswick and Halifax Nova Scotia

4.Ottawa: marine exhibit at the Museum of Nature

5.Ottawa: Education, Community Mural & Activities on Parliament Hill (2010)

6.Many Mayors issued a Proclamation which they read during taped/televised Council meeting



Where: Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre

When: June 2, 2012

Why: Kids and parents can learn about ocean life, from whales to the plankton they eat, with info booths about fisheries, conservation, climate change, and marine biology. There is also kids' entertainment.

Cost: $2 admission to heritage centre. Free shuttle buses. www.harbourliving. ca/event/oceans-day-festival-2012
Read more:


Free Teaching Lessons:

Printed Materials

-Dr. Seuss produces World Oceans Day materials

-Dept of Fisheries and Oceans has online materials and printed materials

-Environment Canada has online materials and printed materials

-Magazine and Newspaper articles, for example: Readers Digest “Why Whales Are People Too”


Scholastic Books

Books available on Amazon

Science Kids – Oceans and Seas: Kingfisher Publications

Marine Life

Navigators – Oceans and Seas: MacMillan Children’s books

Books are also available at your local Library


CBC TV series “See the Sea”

Knowledge Network

“Underwater Explorers”

Reruns of “Sea Hunt”


National Geographic – Kids

British Columbia Environmental Network

Ocean Networks
Canadian Federal GovernmentEnvironment Canada
Fisheries and

Ocean Conservancy
Marine Bio
Blue Ocean Society
The Ocean Project
The Ocean Research & Conservation Association
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Society for Conservation Biology
Ocean Conservation Research
Ocean Alliance
Wildlife Conservation Society

11 Critical Oceans Issue s

11 Solutions You Can Do

Your Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Seafood To Eat

Other Resources:

Free Teaching Lessons