World Oceans Day is June 8

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Together We Can Make A Difference

On the next pages you will see how to earn an Ocean Hero Certificate, a list of the Cities & Towns In Action, what Businesses can and are doing, Media Articles, Documentaries and in depth reporting. Together we can make a difference for our oceans, waterways and marine life.

Students, Teachers and Parents across Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, Africa and China (to mention just a few) are earning the Ocean Hero Certificate. Bravo!

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Congratulations to Gillian's JK class in Ottawa. Each student helped with the ocean mural and each earned an Ocean Hero certificate. They are holding their pledge sign. We are proud of all of YOU!


Together We Can Make A Difference


Students in Manitoba learning about the importance of protecting their watersheds which flow to our oceans

         Students have earned an Ocean Hero Certificate. Thank You to all teachers around the world !


Cape Breton World Oceans Day events were held in Iona starting with a dance the evening before then the following day:

Wharf Events- Boats and ship displays (TBC) Angling, Diving:
St. Columba Hall: Booths, Speakers, Videos, Displays, Food, Music

Pleased with the attendance the community is working towards a Marine Science Centre.

Iona, Nova Scotia:   Thurs. June 2nd to Sun. June 5th, 2016

Aros na Mara World Oceans Day 2016


World Oceans Day Pictures from across Canada:

Troy Trail & Shoreline Cleanup on Cape Breton was a huge success May 28, 2016! Volunteers picked up 50 bags of fishing rope, bait bags, plastic jugs, plastic buckets, old lobster traps, bouys, styrofoam and plastic bags. This clean-up was organized by the Ceilidh Coastal Trail Association and sponsored by Walmart and the Clean Foundation of Nova Scotia


We organized a number of World Oceans Day activities at schools in Victoria (Australia) a few weeks ago and students developed artwork from plastics that we collected on the beach (in line with the New Year’s Resolution: Less Disposable Plastic). We are putting together a display of the artwork at the Australian Marine Sciences Association conference in Geelong next week.

Steffan Howe, Ph.D. Marine Science Manager

Parks Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Art Murals are fun and educational. Thank You to all Teachers around the world !