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A great time for us to commit to:

1. Reduce our Carbon Footprint
2. Eat sustainable fish
3. Keep plastics, styrofoam, chemicals and medicines out of our water and waterways.
Together we can protect our oceans! What is your carbon footprint? Try the quiz under "Why Protect Oceans". Which watershed do you live on? Everyday of the year each of us can make a difference!

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - David Suzuki says it's likely his last major campaign and it won't be another bullhorn protest but a much higher goal: to enshrine clean air and water in the Charter of Rights.

Please see full news article on Media page under the "In Action" tab.

Grand Cayman

St. Thomas

Enjoy live underwater camera feed of reefs
          and ocean fish
in the Caribbean  

     ReefCam streams live HD video of coral reefs and other marine environments using specialized underwater cameras. Click on Live Cameras on the website to view the ReefCams or download the mobile apps in the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.
     ReefCam is donating ad free live underwater camera feed for Oceans Week June 1st to 8th on this website. For every annual subscription ReefCam gives a commercial-free subscription to a school of your choice.                                                           


June 8th is World Oceans Day, declared by the United Nations at the urging of Canada to protect our greatest resource of oxygen and food supply.

June 1st to 8th is Oceans Week in Canada.

United Nations Report: Humans Are Responsible for Climate Change and
                                  Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Please see how to reduce  Your "Carbon Footprint"
        click on Why Protect Oceans




Special thanks to Mr. Will Lewis of Northern Star, Prince George, British Columbia
for the above logo he designed and gave World Oceans Day Canada permission to use.
Please right click with your mouse to save and use either of these logos for education or

Public Service Announcement (PSA).

World Oceans Day Poster
Please download and use this poster.

World Oceans Day Poster


Enjoy live underwater camera feed of reefs and ocean fish


ReefCam streams live HD video of coral reefs and other marine environments using specialized underwater cameras. Click on Live Cameras above to view the ReefCams or download our mobile apps in the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.


June 8th is World Oceans Day (Sister Day to Earth Day)!

Worldwide Theme: Together we have the power to protect the ocean!
Previous worldwide themes: Youth, the Next Wave for Change
                                         Oceans of Life
                                         Our Oceans, Our Responsibility
                                         One Ocean, One Climate, One Future

Thankfully many in our Canadian Federal Government worked very hard to have World Oceans Day recognized by the UN. We invite you to start a tradition or join an event to celebrate and protect our oceans and waterways.


Every Canadian lives in one of the 5 watersheds that channel water to an ocean:

1.    The Arctic
2.    The Atlantic (includes the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River)
3.    Hudson Bay
4.    The Pacific
5.    The Gulf of Mexico (rivers in Alberta & Saskatchewan)


We all live in a watershed! We all affect our oceans!

What can I do to help protect watersheds?
Never pour any chemicals down the drain
Clean up garbage on the ground
Clean up after your pets
Properly dispose of household hazardous wastes
Use alternative pest control methods
Practice waste reduction and pollution prevention
Plant native species of plants - they grow better without the aid of fertilizers and pesticides. ________________________________________________________________________________

We are all connected

Water in every stream or river or lake on the planet eventually ends up in the ocean, and all life on Earth is dependent upon its health. Around the world we all have a vested interest in the health of our water, waterways, shorelines and oceans... for ourselves now....... and for our future generations.

Did you know?
80% of the oxygen we breathe comes from our oceans (and 20% from trees).

We need our oceans. All living creatures and vegetation needs our oceans to be healthy.


Water travels from our oceans to the atmosphere, to land, to rivers and back to our oceans again.

Our water resources are limited. The water now present on Earth is all there is.

Protection of our oceans starts with protection of our rivers, and protection of our rivers starts with each of us.

The Water Cycle

Become an OCEAN HERO, a champion of preserving our waterways and conserving water.

On the following pages you will find information about World Oceans Day Canada!

Our primary focus is to raise awareness of marine issues affecting the Oceans of the world; disseminating information regarding critical issues which affect marine life and conservation initiatives and the actions we can all take to secure the health of the Oceans and conserve water for our and future generations. We are developing awareness informational materials and activities for use with celebrating Oceans Day in our communities, to make a difference.

We encourage community leaders, teachers, youth leaders and members of existing nonprofit organizations to work together to plan an annual event in their community. Local media and community billboards will facilitate this by posting public service announcements (PSA) free.

Come on in and visit our website!

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